Donate for School Meals and Agriculture Skills Development

School Farms for School Meals ensure the availability, utilization and access to school meals. It recognizes the link between education, nutrition and skill development and is improving access to all. School Farms for School Meals increases school attendance, retention and active teaching and learning activities in schools by more than 25 percent.

School Farms

Community schools are supported by School Farms and its key partners to grow their own organic food. School Farms prioritizes the growing of staple crops, vegetables, and fruits.

School Meals

With produce from the farm, schoolchildren are offered a sustainable in-school nutritious meal for healthy growth and mental development.

Agriculture Skills Development Program

The school farms are connected to Agriculture Skills Development through experiential learning.


Asivime is an agribusiness wing of the project. We market and sell our organic produce. Asivime also engages students to acquire skills in sales and marketing.

Best Student Farmer Award

Students are encouraged to undertake independent agriculture project during school vacation to enter into School Farms’ Best Student Famer Award Program.

Agriculture Skills Development Manual for Young People

The Agriculture Skills Development Manual is a comprehensive, practical, relevant and fit for purpose guide for agriculture skills development for young people.


Students (mentees) are matched with local Agripreneurs (mentors) for the purpose of skills development and knowledge acquisition.