About Us

Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement (ROFLM) is a registered youth-led community-development based organization in Ghana with Organization Registration Number: CG040722013 and seeks to provide a space for young people to be empowered, educated and engaged for local development activities. ROFLM adopts a community-based grassroots approach in collaborating with young people as change agents in their respective communities.   Our primary focus is on Civic Engagement, Community Development and Leadership Development.

We provide Education on critical-thinking, skills acquisition in basic technological tools for communication. We empower young people by creating citizenship awareness that puts them up as change agents to deal with their own local community challenges. We engage in our projects to gain practical skills and also encourage them to develop projects that would be nurtured. 

Our Mission

To see a more proactive and empowered youth that seeks to focus their strength as critical thinkers and problem solvers in creating efficient, productive and independent communities that meet its own needs.

To Educate, Empower and Engage young people in implementing practical solutions to communal challenges

Get to know our selfless team

4 Agric Road. ECG CUA Complex. Ho. Volta Region. Ghana E-mail: info@roflm.org Office Phone: +233362028719 Fax: +233362028719

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